Supercharger V3 in England

Tesla opened the first Supercharged V3 in England. This station also has the honor of being the first to have the new generation of Superchargers. The V3 allow the maximum power to be raised to 250 kW, and will be associated with the CCS Combo 2 jack, something that can be used natively by the Model 3. It can also be used by Model S and X’s that have received the update to this format.

The impact of this new generation of chargers will come not only because of its higher power, which will reduce the loading times allowing to pass from 20% to 80% in just 23 minutes, but because it ability to recover 290 km of autonomy in 15 minutes. Besides, thanks to the new technology, the problem of having to share power with the car that is plugged in by our side will end. This means that customers can park in any place and have maximum control.

We can add this for Tesla which will also be beneficial since it will allow them to improve the rotation of vehicles at each station. This has increasing importance due to the higher number of units on the road. For example, the first large station equipped with this technology, located in Las Vegas, has 39 points and is capable of serving up to 1,500 cars per day.

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