LG Presents a Home Battery that Surpasses the Tesla Powerwall

The use of batteries for home use has developed enormously in recent years, thanks to lower costs and the substantial expansion of photovoltaic systems. A combination that allows many homes to achieve much greater energy independence than just having plates. Now LG marks the beginning of sales of a new model that comes from the hand of all Korean manufacturers’ experience and has features that even surpass the Tesla Powerwall.

It’s the LG RESU16H. An evolution of the current model that increases its characteristics in an example of the strong progression of a sector that benefits from the economy of scale that the battery factories are achieving and that allows to offer products more and more competitive.

In the case of RESU16H, in addition to a compact and elegant design, we can add a quite remarkable technical proposal. A battery with a maximum capacity of 16 useful kWh (18 kWh gross) and has a nominal output power of 7 kW, reaching 11 kW of full power.

Thanks to this, the battery will store the surplus of a solar installation, and it will also have enough capacity to offer a backup in case of a power failure. It meets the needs of the home and even provides a partial recharge for an electric car.

It will also achieve high efficiency, which improved 5.8% compared to the previous generation, now reaching 90%. A system that can be dimensioned up to 32 kWh.

Another novelty of this product is its modular design. The two battery modules connect to a control unit at the top. This allows for more manageable maintenance tasks if needed and the installation itself since the weight is divided. It is also planned for tomorrow when we need to replace a component and do it quickly and economically in technical terms.

It is IP55 certified to install outdoors in areas such as porches or semi-covered garages. It also has a 10-year warranty, during which it will maintain at least 80% of its capacity—a robust guarantee based on the excellent performance of LG cells.

A model that will start to be commercialized in January 2021, and with a price not yet revealed and to which the investor should be added, which is not included, being compatible with a wide range of brands and models, such as those of SMA, SolaX, Sungrow, GoodWe, Fronius and Solis.

An LG battery that will have reference the 7 thousand dollars that the Tesla model costs in the United States should not be taken off much if it wants to remain competitive.

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