Tesla Looking to Expand Autonomous Testing Efforts to Arizona

According to a new Tesla job posting, the EV giant is apparently expanding it Full Self-Driving and in-house Autopilot testing efforts to the deserts of Arizona. 

Most of Tesla’s autonomous tests have taken place in California. However, the CA DMV requires companies that test autonomous vehicles in the Golden State to give yearly “disengagement reports” in order to obtain details of each time the companies automous test vehicles required human intervention.

Tesla previously reported over 500 autonomous miles by four separate self-driving Model X prototypes on public roads in 2016. It later surfaced that the mileage was primarily for producing video demonstrations of their newly launched hardware suite. Tesla since has only submitted autonomous test miles in California for its vehicles one time this year.

According to Tesla, the reason they have not been reporting autonomous test miles in the state is because it’s testing its autonomous driving technology in “shadow mode.” Testing in shadow mode on its existing fleet and in different locations allows the company to avoid submitting those miles to the DMV.

So where has Tesla been testing its Autopilot and self-driving system prototype? Reports came out earlier this year pointing towards Texas after it surfaced that the EV giant was looking to hire Autopilot drivers in Austin. 

Now, we are learning that the California-based company is looking for drivers for “vehicle-level testing, this time in Phoenix, Arizona. Tesla wrote in the job description: “We are looking for a highly motivated individual to accelerate our vehicle-level testing for autonomous vehicles. The ADAS Test Operator will help drive Tesla’s Autopilot by testing daily Autopilot firmware updates. The role requires someone who is highly organized, objectively focused when making judgements, and confident in their ability to manage their own daily routine.”

It could be the perfect gig for a Tesla enthusiast who is looking to travel as Tesla added the new hire might have to travel “to domestic and international destinations” as well as test vehicles on “public roads, test tracks and Proving Grounds.”

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