Amazon Pledges to Use Only Renewable Energy in 5 years

Tycoon Jeff Bezos’ company wants all the energy consumed by the Amazon empire to be clean and of renewable origin. To do this, it has launched a new investment that amounts to 200 million dollars through the Climate Pledge Fund.

The online commerce giant is pushing the accelerator to ensure that all the energy it consumes is renewable. It has become the “largest buyer of renewable energy in the world,” according to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

The plan of the Bezos company strengthens its environmental policy that also extends its tentacles to electric mobility hand in hand with its investments in Rivian. This company will market its innovative 100% electric pickup.

But investments in mobility don’t stop at Rivian’s attractive zero-emission pickup. Amazon has invested heavily in Redwood Materials, the battery recycling company founded by the co-creator of Tesla.

In addition to these investments, the Seattle company has investments in new smart electric motors and Zoox. This startup has just presented its new fully autonomous robotaxi, of which ForoCochesElectricos has revealed the main characteristics.

The first solar energy complex will be located in the south of the Italian peninsula with a total capacity of 66 MW. This plant is part of the 26 large-scale solar and wind energy projects that will allow the company to consume only clean energy in five years. The goal of Bezos’ company is to reach 3.4 GW. In total, the company gets 35 initiatives in 2020 for a capacity of 4 GW.

Worldwide, Amazon has 127 projects, of which 68 are photovoltaic parks, and 59 are wind power. “Amazon is helping to combat climate change by moving quickly to fuel our activities with renewable energy.”

The American company had planned to achieve 100% renewable energy in 2030; now it will achieve this milestone “five years before our initial goal,” says a proud Bezos.

The presentation of the evolution of Amazon’s Climate Pledge coincides almost in time with the leak of the van’s photographs that Rivian is building for the online distribution giant.

The van traveled the streets of Irvine, California, accompanying a delegation of the new R1T trucks, which will be delivered to the first customers during the summer of 2021.

The photographs that appeared on social networks and the Internet appreciated how close the van circulates to the ground, which suggests that it was testing its capabilities at full load since it was heading to a nearby highway, according to Electreck.

The sight of an operating and not very camouflaged unit shows that the project is progressing rapidly. Recall that Amazon, Rivian investor, has placed a firm order for 100,000 units of this new and advanced 100% electric delivery van.

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