Tesla Hacker Reveals Inactive FSD Capabilities

Tesla pushed its FSD Beta software to a limited group of early access Tesla owners in October. Since the push, we have seen countless videos and articles critiquing and praising the drivers assist feature which in turn has helped Tesla test the early version of the autonomous driving system. A wider release of the FSD update is expected later this month.

Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assist system was the foundation for the company’s FSD software. Tesla FSD beta provides a new software rewrite powered by new neural networks to achieve autonomous city driving. Of course, as Tesla reminds its drivers often, drivers should be alert and responsive at all times when using the FSD beta in the event they need to take over.

Now, infamous Tesla hacker “green” has again managed to get his hands on some unreleased information from the EV giant. “Green” gained access to the developer mode which opened the door to a lot of new and interesting settings:

It reveals some capabilities are turned on by default and others which Tesla hasn’t activated yet:

In addition to some of the regular capabilities expected from the driver assistance software, we also see some more, well, unique ones. For Example, the ability to do a “California Stop,” also known as a California roll, which is where a driver fails to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  There’s also a few mystery function called “California Boost” mode and “Chiropractor Adjust Skeleton.” 

In addition to the new capabilities, Green shared footage of the FSD’s dev mode running while driving the Tesla vehicle

As mentioned before, Tesla is planning a wider release of its FSD beta in the next couple of weeks. However, what will be included in the wider release version is unknown at this point but regardless of what makes the cut, one thing is for sure: Tesla’s FSD beta is currently has a lot more capabilities than what meets the eye.

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