First Look at Tesla Autopilot Augmented Vision

Tesla hacker “green” is at it again and has unlocked a new mode in Tesla’s autonomous driving suite called “Autopilot Augmented Vision.” It enables to see what in real time what Autopilot can detect.

In 2018, a leaked image showed what appeared to be an engineering car on ‘dev mode’ showing what Autopilot sees live on the center screen as well as settings for other options.

It also showed that Tesla had something called “Augmented Vision” in its dev mode showing the feed from every Autopilot camera and what it was detecting via its computer vision system.

Tesla hacker “green,” who recently managed to gain access to the developer mode as well as access to the Autopilot dev mode, has now activated the Augmented Vision mode:

Green shared a five minute long video driving with the mode activated, providing us with arguably the best footage of Tesla Autopilot, how it plans its routes, and what it can detect in real-time:

This is one of the best looks at the inner workings of Tesla Autopilot and what it can detect in real-time as well as how it plans it path on the road.

Green only question: Why Tesla doesn’t enable consumers to activate this mode?

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