Rivian R1T and R1S Configurator to Go Live Nov. 16

With the race to see who will bring the first all-electric pickup truck to the market, its seems things are just heating up. GM recently unveiled the highly anticipated GMC Hummer EV but the event was a little underwhelming. Soon after we found out the company doesn’t even have a working prototype of the pickup. Rivian on the other hand, which expects to launch its all electric R1T truck and R1S SUV next year, have already built pre-production vehicles and done several different tests in a variety of road and weather conditions. Now, a user on the Rivian Owners Forum saw a banner on the top of Rivian’s website stating the online configurator for the R1T and R1S will launch November 16. The banner has since been deleted:

To date, there has been no breakdown of Rivian’s pricing and trim level, or the options it is going to offer as far as design. However, unlike most configurators, not everyone will have access to it on its release date. From what was seen on the website banner, once the configurator goes live, it will only be available to preorder holders.

Rivian didn’t have plan to announce a configurator at all, so this is most likely an employee error as the banner was taken down shortly after it was discovered. Perhaps it was a sly way to drive a little more attention away from the Hummer EV unveiling, towards its own upcoming electric vehicles. The three EVs will fall in line to complete directly with each other and actually are more similar than one may think. All are promised to be remarkable off-road vehicles with top of the line technology. They all have similar range capabilities between 350-400 miles with Rivian’s vehicles leading over Hummer EV by about 50 miles. However, the Hummer EV tops Rivian’s 750hp with 1,00hp of its own. 

Hummer is expected to introduce a SUV variant at some point in the future furthering the two companies similarities. Until the top of the premium, off-road EV trucks and SUV finally hit the market, we will just have to wait to see which one comes out on top.

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