Deliveries of Refreshed Tesla Model 3 Have Begun

Tesla has been hard at work updating its Model 3 in recent months from the elegant double-console with wireless charging, the powered lift gate, or double-paned windows. Now we are learning that the California-based company has started customer deliveries of the revised electric sedan.

Youtube user David Narayan uploaded a video of his brand new 2021 Model 3 that he received just days after placing his order. Narayan prefaced his video by saying he was planning on placing a reservation a few months ago, but with the news of a baby on the way, put the reservation on hold. Once the news settled and he was ready to place his order, he learned the refreshed 2021 model was available, so he opted for the newer version. After being told he should expect his car to be ready in mid-December, just a few days later he received a call asking when he could pick it up. Tesla workers told Narayan they had never even seen the refreshed model in the facility and they believed it to be one of the first to be delivered.

In the video we see that it has a power-operated trunk lid, the newly designed Aero wheels, a revised center console with wireless phone charging, different knobs on the steering wheel, and double glazing on the side windows. Nayaran also notes that his car does come with a heat pump that’s located under the revised trim in the frunk, though he has not seen it yet. 

Nayaran discloses the first Model 3 he has been in is in fact his own 2021 refresh. Check out his full video below to get a closer look inside and out of the new refreshed 2021 Model 3:

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