Human Intervention Saves Model 3 Using Tesla’s FSD Beta

Several videos have surfaced since the release of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta showing off its performance. However, a new video today shows a different look with drone footage capturing a frightening close call.

Last week Tesla pushed the first version of its “Full Self-Driving” feature to a small group of selected users. Tesla warned the feature is in beta and the driver should always be ready to take over and correct the system if required. Only a few owners currently have access to the beta software in the “early access program,” but Tesla has given them the okay to share videos of their experience.

One of the few owners who has access to the beta software in the “early access program” is “Brandon M” on YouTube. He has uploaded several videos of the early version of Tesla’s FSD performance including one he uploaded today. Different from his other videos, this one is drone footage that captures a Model 3 narrowly escaping a collision with a parked vehicle while testing Tesla FSD Beta thanks to human intervention:

In a good example of why owners should be alert and ready to take over when using the FSD Beta, its looks as though the FSD wanted to follow the clearly parked vehicle. Luckily ‘Brandon M’ was prepared and intervened by braking manually.

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