Elon Musk Gives New Details on the Launch of the Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk has given new details on one of Tesla’s most anticipated models, the Cybertruck electric pick-up. During a conference call held following the release of the company’s Q3 2020 financial results, he was asked if he could elaborate on the production ramp and the start of the vehicle’s deliveries.

Musk began by explaining that last Friday, he was overseeing a review of the Cybertruck design with Franz von Holzhausen, the brand’s Chief Designer, reiterating that the final Model will significantly improve on the prototype revealed last year. “There are many small improvements compared to what was released. I think it will be better than what we show.”

The firm has reportedly made numerous changes to the Cybertruck’s design over the past year, although no specific details have been provided on the nature of those modifications. However, it is known that the firm will install in its pick-up a new adaptive air suspension that will go a step beyond the systems present today in the Model S and Model X.

As for the start of production, Musk stressed that everything will depend on how quickly Tesla can complete the construction of Giga Austin, the new factory that the brand is building in Texas. “It depends on the factory; there are some new technologies in the high toughness exoskeleton. This has never been done before, so it will probably pose some challenges [in production].”

Initially, Tesla will begin to deliver the first units of the Cybetruck in late 2021; however, high-volume production will be delayed until 2022. By then, the Model will have a rich portfolio of rivals, ranging from the Rivian R1T to the electric Ford F-150 to the monstrous GMC Hummer EV, recently introduced and also scheduled for next year.

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