Production at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin to Start Ahead of Schedule

The speed with which Tesla builds new factories never ceases to amaze. After commissioning the one in China in less than a year, rumors now indicate that the deadlines for the start of work at the German plant will be earlier than expected.

At first, since Tesla had set the month of July 2021 as the official date for the start of mass production. A rather ambitious goal that represents just one year from the beginning of the erection of the structure. But it seems that these figures will be even lower given the latest information.

According to the Teslarati portal, a Dutch customer who owns a Model Y reservation received a notice from Tesla that their vehicle could be delivered between the first and second quarters of 2021. The owner of the reservation also learned by phone that Tesla Holland had an update on the progress of the works in the factory and served as the basis for estimating the start of deliveries.

If confirmed, this would mean that Tesla should have the installation ready to start pre-production at the beginning of next year, to take out its first final models between March and May. Dates that, according to this information, seem to be those marked for the start of deliveries of the European Model Ys.

Regarding the state of the construction works at the Berlin factory, reports from people who are closely following the works have indicated that the cranes have lifted the first components of the painting line while working on finishing the structure in other parts of the facility.

Also, Tesla has requested expanding the cleaning area to clear land to prepare new areas of the land acquired in an area of ​​100 hectares, which means doubling the free space currently available, 90 hectares.

The question is whether these deadlines will mean any change in Tesla’s strategy of bringing units from China. We know that there is a consignment of 7,000 Model 3 units on their way to Europe from the Shanghai factory, something that could be a temporary reinforcement or a longer-term move to focus on starting production of the Model 3 as soon as possible, and in Berlin, while fueling European demand for the Model 3 with units from the United States and China.

Something that will allow Tesla to counteract the arrival of the Volkswagen ID.4, whose deliveries should begin at the end of the first quarter.

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