Tesla FSD Package Receives $2,000 Price Increase

The price for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving package has increased by $2,000 bringing the total to a whopping $10,000 in the US.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the price increase via Twitter last week following the FSD Beta release on October 20th. Tesla has increased the price several times over the past few years as the Full Self-Driving suite’s capabilities continue to expand. 

$2,000 is a lot of money and this model is looking more and more like a Kickstarter campaign where customers purchase a product before it is fully completed. However, paying the $10,000 for Tesla’s FSD suite locks in that price. This means, as Tesla releases more capabilities over the next few years, customers who have already purchased the FSD will not have to pay additional fees for new features.

In order to encourage owners to purchase the package, Tesla has warned of price increases saying that buyers should take advantage of lower price points. 

Following the limited distribution of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta software update, owners in the early access program almost immediately started posting photos and brief videos highlighting the new softwares updates. In the first videos, we see how the interface has changed slightly and the screen marks not only the objects, signs, or vehicles, but also highlights the edges of the road and the outlines of the rest of the cars.

Tesla seems to be full speed ahead on the road to autonomous driving but the company continues to warn owners to “use Full Autonomous Driving in Limited Beta only if you pay constant attention to the road and are ready to act immediately, especially around blind corners, intersection crossings, and tight driving situations.”

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