Tesla Adds More Land to Gigafactory Texas Site

After securing its next U.S. Gigafactory location in Texas, right outside of Austin, we are now learning that Tesla is acquiring more land in Austin for future expansions.

The plot of land that Gigafactory Texas is going to call home is 2,000 acres and is Tesla’s biggest property to date. Not only that but, CEO Elon Musk has said Gigafactory Texas will be much more than just a vehicle production factory, but a “ecological paradise” that will be open to the public. Musk mentioned a boardwalk, hiking and biking trail, and more.

Now, there are reports that Tesla is acquiring more land near the site. According to Texas’ Statesman, Tesla has acquired another 381 acres of land next to the current Gigafactory site “continuing at full speed with development of its electric vehicle assembly plant in southeastern Travis County, Tesla recently purchased 381 acres adjacent to its existing 2,100-acre site at Harold Green Road and Texas 130, deed records show.”

With the obtaining this new land, we see Tesla’s total property grow as well as multiple points of access open up from the site from existing roads.

In addition, Tesla is reportedly looking at another piece of nearby land. Tesla also is believed to be pursuing additional land purchases in Southeast Austin along the Texas 130 corridor, according to local real estate developers knowledgeable about the area.”

After the announcement of Tesla’s battery plans during the company’s Battery Day event, Gigafactory Texas should house battery cell manufacturing as well. 

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