FM Radio will Cost Extra in Some Tesla Model S and X Units

The constant updates that Tesla makes of its vehicles have their good part, which allows having a car with better performance over time and its dark side. This is the case of the Model S and X manufactured before March 2018, which can access the update of their infotainment system, but at the cost of losing functionalities such as the radio.

And it is not an economical operation. The change of the MCU allows the owners of these units to access new functions such as streaming videos, the games of the Arcade system, and achieving a more agile and fast experience with the touch screen. All at a reasonable price of 2,500 dollars

But the downside is that when upgrading your vehicle, they lose the functionality of listening to conventional AM, FM, and DAB radio. Customers must opt ​​for solutions like digital radio or pay.

Tesla has confirmed that customers who want or need a radio will have to pay another 500 dollars for the activation of this service. The amount added to the 2,500 dollars of the MCU update will be essential to access the radio.

A rather strange move that will undoubtedly damage Tesla’s image for an actual application for many, and for which they will have to go through the checkout again after having spent a fair amount to update their vehicle.

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