Tesla Model Y Receives Bump in Range

Following the announcement of Tesla Model 3 units receiving several updates in its 2021 refresh, we are now learning that both configurations of the Model Y will receive a bump in range. The update for the electric SUV was confirmed on the company’s website today.

The Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor has received a 9 mile increase in range to 325 miles. The Tesla Model Y Performance received a 12 mile increase bringing its range to 303 miles. Although not as significant as the increase seen in the Model 3 and Model S Performance it’s a boost none the less.

Tesla’s online configurator reflects the new ranges for both Model Y configurations:

There was no adjustment to the prices of either configurations according to the company’s website. Unfortunately for the time being, it doesn’t seem that the Model Y will be receiving the other updates that the Model 3 has received, such as changes to its interior. However, the fact that the Model Y and Model 3 had essentially the same interior prior to the update, it may be a change that the Model Y will see in the near future. 

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