Tesla’s Efficiency Goes Without Question With 2021 EPA Ratings

EPA ratings for 2021 electric cars are beginning to be released and as usual, Tesla is seeing the most impressive numbers with it Model 3 receiving a 134 MPGe efficiency rating

Tesla introduced multiple new 2021 model year vehicles with several changes this year. The Model 3 received the biggest refresh this year which included aesthetic changes, efficiency improvements, and a new heat pump, among other things. For the most part, Tesla’s entire lineup saw a range increase thanks to new efficiency improvements.

Now, The EPA is beginning to release its ratings for 2021 model-year electric cars and the results are showing Tesla’s improvements achieving exactly what they were supposed to.

According to the ratings, the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD received a 134 MPGe rating combined for city and highway driving. Just last year, the Model 3 received 121 MPGe, proving its efficiency increase this year.

The Tesla Model Y, which just began deliveries this past March, didn’t see as large a bum as the Model 3 but did receive a bump none the less:

Tesla’s expertise in efficiency is very clear when looking at the EPA ratings as its competition has similar battery packs and energy capacities. However Tesla’s ability to get more miles per kWh compared to brands like Polestar and Volvo show why the EV giant continues to come out on top. 

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