What Does Consumers Reports Have to Say About Tesla’s FSD?

It is no secret that Consumer Reports (CR) is far from sold when it comes to Tesla’s Autopilot system, and reviewers haven’t been exactly pleased with the company’s Full Self-Driving capability.  Although Tesla’s FSD has recently received several updates it is still a long way from being capable of  feature-complete self-driving. Now, in a new video posted to the CR Youtube channel we see a deep dives into each feature to see if Tesla has followed through with its promises.

The price for the FSD was recently raised and can currently be purchased for an additional $8,000 when purchasing a new Tesla. As mentioned above it does not make the car fully autonomous, but it does give you the most current FSD features and any update to those features that follow. The most recent update to Tesla FSD allows the vehicle to respond to traffic lights and stop signs.

Other features included in FSD are Navigate on Autopilot, Parallel and Perpendicular Autopark, Summon Mode, and Auto Lane Change. The next feature the California-based company is expected to release is Autosteer on city streets.

From the reviews and reports from Tesla owners it seems that the company’s FSD is well received, and for the most part work as advertised. Though some have complaints about the consistency of the features. Consumer Reports tests helps us get an idea of what’s to come for Tesla’s FSD technology, while confirming the current system is functioning properly. See the full video below:

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