GM’s Super Cruise Snatches Top Spot From Tesla’s Autopilot

A test consisting of 17 drivers-assist systems released by Consumer Reports shows that Tesla doesn’t hold the top spot in regards to its Autopilot. Although it managed to achieve the number two spot, GM’s Super Cruise was able to come out on top thanks to the lack of driver monitoring in Tesla Autopilot’s.

Consumer Report’s driver-assist system tests started in 2018 with just a few of the current systems. Fast forward to current date where the test now compares 17 different systems: “In Consumer Reports’ first-ever ranking of these systems, conducted in 2018, we evaluated systems from Cadillac, Nissan/Infiniti, Tesla, and Volvo. Over the last two years these advanced technologies have become more mainstream, and CR’s testing this year now includes 17 systems, including the original four.”

GM’s Super Cruise tested in a Cadillac CT6 took the lead in the new 2020 ranking with Tesla Autopilot following behind placing second:

Although it took second place overall, Tesla Autopilot came out on top in regards to capabilities and performance: “When it comes to lane keeping assist, Tesla did the best in our tests. But systems from AudiCadillac, and Lincoln performed almost as well. A good system will assist the driver by maintaining placement in the center of the lane and keeping the vehicle well within the lane boundaries.”

According to Consumer Reports, Tesla Autopilot’s downfall was in the “keeping the driver engaged” or driver monitoring category. GM was able to snag the top spot with the eye-tracking technology found in its Super Cruise: “A camera-based driver monitoring system that uses eye-tracking technology checks to see whether the driver is looking at the road, and that’s why Cadillac’s Super Cruise is the clear winner when it comes to keeping the driver engaged. Other systems require the driver to place their hands on the wheel every once in a while, but that does not necessarily mean the driver is actually looking at the road ahead.”

Rankings for ‘keeping the driver engaged’ are as follows:

Check out the entire Consumer Reports’ report on driver-assist systems here.

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