Tesla Seeking New Hires for Model Y Pilot Production Line in China

Tesla appears to be looking to hire somewhere around 900 people in preparation for it’s Model Y pilot production line at Gigafactory Shanghai. The EV giant plans to offer the Model Y in China starting in early 2021 but needs to finish the expansion it is currently working on at Gigafactory Shanghai. Once the expansion is complete we should see a spike in the production and eventually the official launch of the EV crossover.

Twitter user and Tesla owner @Ray4Tesla posted information regarding Tesla’s job postings in China in a series of Tweets seen below: 

Phase one of Giga Shanghai was completed at a rapid pace and Tesla is currently operating producing the company’s Model 3. Tesla is working on Phase 2 construction at its Gigafactory Shanghai which is focused primarily  on the Model Y. It will pilot a new manufacturing process as well as utilize the stamping machine we’ve heard CEO Elon Musk speak about.

Aside from the massive hiring spree for Model Y manufacturing positions, Tesla is also on the hunt for employees to work at its service and sales centers across the country. The EV giant has been vocal about increasing its sales and service presence so it doesn’t come as a shock that the company is anticipating increasing demand for its vehicles, therefore upping its number of centers to assist with deliveries or services needed at the owners request.

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