Model Y Taillights get New Design

Tesla’s Model Y has received a small change in its taillight design that, although minimal, is quite noticeable.

Up until now the Model Y used taillights with the brake lights and the directional signals being red, the same as seen in the Model 3. Although this is acceptable, regulations require the brake lights be a brighter red than the turn signals. Now, the California based automaker has updated the Model Y’s taillight design and the changes were spotted upon delivery of one of the new electric SUVs.

Reddit user /u/Cocoa_Linguine uploaded a comparison of the new Model Y taillights:

From the clip we can see that the brake lights are now a brighter red with a darker casing. In addition, the turn signals are now amber flashes instead of the previous red.

There has been no information on whether or not the Model 3 will receive the same adjustments. However, the Model 3 did recently receive a new “frunk” and there are rumors of it receiving new headlights. Perhaps taillights are next on that list?

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