Tesla Model Y vs BMW X6M in Drag Race

In a drag race featuring a Tesla Model Y and a BMW X6M we see who comes out victorious on the strip. Of course, it must be noted that the BMW X6M is modified quite extensively by G Power, fitted with the “Typhoon” package giving it a shocking 750 horsepower compared to the 456 horsepower put out by the Model Y

With almost double the horsepower as the Model Y some may assume the BMW X6M has it in the bag. With the Model Y getting a slow start off the line its seems certain the BMW X6M will win. However, the results may surprise you.

The Model Y’s slow start gives the BMW a chance to keep pace with the Model Y. It may look like the BMW is in the clear for victory but the Model Y amps up speed and makes its way to the finish. Check out the full video, courtesy of Youtube channel Cars with Ivan, below for the final results:

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