Model 3 Loses Rear Window While On The Highway

Julie McCuen, an owner of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range +, was driving on a highway in the United States when one of the rear windows came off spontaneously. An unforeseen event recorded by the car’s camera system has once again highlighted not only production problems but also poor after-sales service.

The unpleasant situation took place in Orange, Southern California, when one of the rear windows detached from the vehicle and fell onto the road after the car went over a small pothole during a lane change.

Luckily, without causing damage to other vehicles since it did not fly away, causing only a scare to the driver and the occupants of a car that preceded and had to avoid the fallen part by invading her right lane.

But the unpleasant situation did not end here for the owner of the Tesla. She decided to go to the Tesla Technical Service closest to her, looking for a solution to what, in the absence of more specific data, seems a car manufacturing problem, which the warranty should cover.

Upon arriving at the workshop, those responsible told her that this was not covered and that she would have to pay for the repair out of her pocket. They also said that she would have to return another day or leave the vehicle, offering her a taxi to return to her home.

The owner disagreed, mainly due to the issue of the guarantee and because she didn’t want to share a vehicle with in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. So she insisted intensely until the workshop managers came to their senses.

Interestingly, one of the factors that has helped her solve this unpleasant problem has been the car’s camera system, which has shown that the window has not broken under normal circumstances, such as theft or similar, but has come off dangerously during the march. Something that has allowed the brand to accept responsibility, repairing the window in two hours finally.

This indicates that Tesla has a problem with the manufacturing quality of some units and its after-sales service. The same protagonist of this story confirms that she has added that they had already attended that same workshop three times, and in during all three visits, the experience had been disastrous, and they promised not to return.

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