The Accelerated Evolution of Technology Rapidly Depreciates EVs

According to a study carried out by the German website Focus Online and the consultancy Bähr & Fess, electric cars currently have a serious problem maintaining their initial value, as more advanced and affordable models are being launched every time, which makes vehicles of previous generations depreciate quickly.

“In some cases, the autonomies almost double with a new generation of models. That, of course, makes the older generation less attractive,” says Dieter Fess of Bähr & Fess. According to his estimates, gasoline-powered cars will continue to hold a more stable value by 2025.

Bähr & Fess indicates that while plug-in hybrids are gradually displacing diesel-powered models in the business vehicle sector, they suffer from the same problem as pure electric vehicles: the rapid evolution of technology will cause their next generation to offer more range at a lower price, making its predecessors lose appeal and value.

The good news? All these advances will have two very positive consequences: on the one hand, the new vehicle market will have more and more proposals with significant autonomy at competitive prices; on the other hand, a large second-hand market will be created, full of affordable alternatives that will make it possible to popularize access to the electric car.

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