Tesla’s Bigger and Better 4680 In-House Battery Cell

Tesla unveiled its new in-house battery cell during its highly anticipated Battery Day event today. It will now be known as the 4680 and is already being produced at the company’s Kato Road pilot facility in Fremont.

It is a bigger than Tesla’s previous cells and has a tabless design that will decrease the time of charging. Additionally, the new form factor of the cell makes it six times more powerful with up to five times the energy capacity than the company’s previous cells. Given its name, Tesla also confirmed the new cell is 46mm by 80mm. 

Tesla claims that the new form factor of the cell results in a five-times increase in energy and six-times increase in power capacity:

With the focus mainly on the form factor instead of energy density improvements, Tesla claimed the new cell form factor will be able to increase range figures by 16%. The new tabless battery design will increase manufacturing efficiency, leading to a drop in cost per kWh of about 14%, furthering Tesla’s quest to create a more affordable electric car.

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