Detailed Look at a Tesla Model Y with Third Row Seating

Earlier this month Tesla launched a cheaper Standard Range rear-wheel-drive Model Y variant along with the option for third-row seating. A feature that CEO Elon Musk had been promising since the Model Y was first launched, but up until a couple weeks ago was only available as a 2-row model.

When Tesla first announced the new 7-seat option, they didn’t initially provide any photos or videos of the extra seating. It wasn’t until two weeks ago we got to see an officially video and image from the automaker of the third-row option. The video shows how to adjust the second row in order to make more room for the passengers in the very back, but it still isn’t clear how much. To be fair,  the videos does a good job explaining how to operate the second and third rows of seating. However, there are no passengers sitting in the seats so it’s still hard to gauge exactly how much leg room is available in the last row. Furthermore the lighting in the video is poor during some segments making it hard to recognize the functionality of the additional seating.

Since third-rowing seating was made available, some lucky Tesla fans have had the opportunity to inspect and document the 7-seat Model Y allowing us to get an even closer look at the new option. The most professional one yet comes from YouTube influencer Two Bit da Vinci who has put together a informative video about the 3-row Model Y:

Tesla’s cheaper Standard Range model of the Model Y has an EPA estimated 244 miles of range and starts at $43,190. The new seven-seat configuration is available on the Standard Range and Long Range for and additional cost of $3000.

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