The Golden State Was a Key Player in Tesla’s Q4 2020 Successes

The year 2020 was a difficult one for many for several different reasons and the automotive industry saw its fair share of grievances. However, Tesla seemed to have had a pretty good year in any otherwise dark time. The California-based EV giant became one of the most valuable companies in the world, let alone the most valuable automaker. It also managed to raise billions of dollars through several variables including a stock spilt and its integration into the S&P500. It delivered a record number of units in Q4 2020 which we can partially thank its home state, California.

New registration data confirms that California was a key player into Tesla’s successes seen in Q4 2020. During Q2 2020, the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the automaker saw their sales cut in half. However, the lull in sales didn’t last long as the automaker was quickly able to turn it around and achieve a new global delivery record of 145,036 units during Q3 2020, 16,000 of which came out of the Golden State. From the looks of it Tesla’s success in the state has continued as California was responsible for over 22,000 Tesla EV sales in Q4 2020.

Based on new registration data released by Cross-Sell, Tesla managed to sell over 22,000 electric vehicles in California making up 12% of the 180,000 vehicles sold in the quarter.

According to the new data, around 11,400 units were sold, most of them Model Ys. Tesla Model 3s didn’t see as much demand as the Model Y in California, probably because more new buyers opted for the Model Y as the 2021 Model 3 was only introduced in the middle Q4.

In addition to Tesla hometown data, Cross-Sell releases data about Tesla’s sales in other states which show how important the US market is to the EV giant. Tesla managed to deliver a minimum of 44,749 electric cars in the US in Q4, making up about a quarter of the manufacturers total deliveries. 

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