Documents Reveal That NHTSA Requested Tesla to Stop Saying Model 3 is the Safest Car Ever Tested

On an Exchange of emails, Tesla claimed that the statement is not untrue.

On Tesla’s website, it is easy to find a claiming by the company saying that Model 3 has “the lowest probability of injury of all cars the safety agency has ever tested.” But now after the release of documents of an email conversation between Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Elon Musk’s company, it seems that the statement might be a little controverse.

Last year, on October 17, 2018, the NHTSA chief counsel said in an email:

 “It Is impossible to say based on the frontal crash results or overall vehicle scores whether the Model 3 is safer than other 5-star rated vehicles.”

Tesla proved to be one of the best-rated cars in safety issues, but at the time, even though the company didn’t have any specific data on it, they replied:

“Tesla’s statements are neither untrue nor misleading. To the contrary, Tesla has provided consumers with fair and objective information to compare the relative safety of vehicles having 5-star overall ratings.”

According to the website

“The letter came to light this week after an exchange of letters and emails between NHTSA and Tesla executives starting last October and running through February of this year was posted on Plainsite, a legal transparency website. The documents were released under a Freedom of Information Act request. It was first reported by Bloomberg.”

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