BMW iX Electric SUV Unveiled with a 300+ Mile Range

BMW has officially unveiled the iNEXT electric SUV, now known as the ‘BMW iX’. The highly anticipated electric SUV comes with a range of more than 300 miles.

It came a tad larger than anticipated but looks like the most modern BMW to date. As far as its size, BMW explains how it fits in with its existing SUV lineup: “The exterior of the BMW iX represents a distinctive re-imagining of the powerful proportions of a large BMW SAV. The BMW iX is comparable with the BMW X5 in length and width, and is almost the same height as the BMW X6 on account of its flowing roofline. The size of its wheels, meanwhile, brings to mind the BMW X7.”

As you can see in the picture, the iX still features the kidney-shaped faux grille, however, the change in headlights give it a more aggressive look.

When it comes to the interior, BMW describes: “The displays and controls are all stripped down to the essentials, further reinforcing the impression of an uncluttered cabin offering a place of relaxation. The technology of the BMW iX is used intelligently and only becomes visible when it is needed. This makes it intuitive to use rather than seeming overly complex. The interior design conveys a sense of safety and familiarity and engenders a new type of bond between occupants and vehicle. The shy tech approach for the interior can be seen in a number of features, including speakers integrated out of sight, intricately styled air vents, heated surfaces and the discreet recessing of the BMW Head-Up Display’s projector into the instrument panel so it is almost invisible. The hexagonally shaped steering wheel, a rocker switch for gear selection and the BMW Curved Display – which forms part of the next-generation BMW Operating System – clearly advertise the futuristic form of driving pleasure on offer.”

Although we didn’t get an exact number, BMW confirmed “a gross energy content of more than 100 kWh” in the iX providing a range of “more than 600 km based on the WLTP cycle” and “more than 300 miles according to the EPA’s FTP-75 test procedure.” The iX will come equipped with two electric motors with a total 370 kW/500 hp power capacity resulting allowing it complete a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration in less than 5 seconds. It will be capable of using DC fast charging at up to 200 kW achieving an 80% charge in under 40 minutes.

As far as price, an exact number was not released either. BMW previously commented that it will be competitive with Tesla’s $40,000 models. However, with the new of a giant 100 kWh battery pack it will be hard to keep it in that low of a price range. The iX is expected to start production in late 2021 and available for sale at a 2022 model.

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