Tesla Confirms Model 3 Long Range Battery now has 82 kWh Capacity

Tesla has confirmed that thanks to new cells of origin from Panasonic with a higher energy density, the Model 3 Long Range now has batteries with 82 kWh capacity. This has been possible thanks to the additional investment of 100 million dollars that the Japanese supplier has carried out in Giga Nevada, the plant it manages jointly with Tesla.

This movement has also increased the factory’s production by 10%. Also, the new cells on paper should allow faster loading, although, at the moment, we do not have specific data regarding this improvement, so we will have to wait for the load tests carried out by the first users.

Although the use of the new cells had already been rumored for a few weeks when Tesla presented the restyling of the Model 3 and with it updated the autonomies of the entire range, now the Californian firm has confirmed its use through an email informational guide for European buyers of the electric sedan.

When shipping to Europe, Tesla submits documentation to the customer before their unit arrives, allowing the car to be pre-registered, ensuring hassle-free pickup. Thanks to this, some German owners already have their vehicles registered even though they will not receive them until late November or early December.

Documentation sent by Tesla confirms the use of an 82 kWh capacity pack in the Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor. This increase corresponds to the 5% promised by Panasonic (initially the Model 3 Long Range equipped with a 78 kWh pack), although the cell format (2170) remains the same. Tesla’s Model 3 2021 EPA ratings show that the new Model 3 Long Range Dual Motors AWD is getting a new record range of 353 miles on a single charge.

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