BMW’s Motorrad Definition CE 04

BMW has presented the latest design of a proposal within the electric motorcycle sector. In 2017 it showed us an ultra-futuristic concept, which has now evolved into an original concept that is much closer to reality. A Motorrad Definition CE 04, with which the brand wants to show the way to the next generation of electric scooters that will change in terms of design and technologies such as connectivity.

This is demonstrated by the BMW slogan, which has cataloged Definition CE 04 as both a means of transport and a communication system for urban users.

BMW aims to carry out a design exercise to see what an electric scooter could look like today with a more daring design. Despite being still within what is a concept, a proposal has some basic concepts that could be applied in a commercial product in a short period.

With this, the German manufacturers’ designers seek to take electric mobility on two wheels to a new level, both technically and visually. Something that at least in the second part if they successfully achieve.

Visually, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 breaks with the look of scooters as we know them today. A long, low body and a diagonally raised front end create a silhouette that is as modern as it is clear. The great smooth surface design with clearly defined lines blends seamlessly into a current urban environment. The flat battery, integrated into the lower body, offers new possibilities, such as the hollow for the helmet, which is illuminated and can be opened from the side; that provides the rider easy access to store the helmet equipment. The low battery position offers a favorable center of gravity, ensuring fun and dynamic driving.

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