Tesla’s FSD Beta Casually Avoids Unexpected Road Debris

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta has been in the headlines a lot recently and we’ve seen impressive videos showing it navigating through city streets with no intervention. We’ve also seen videos where things didn’t go exactly as planned. In a new video posted by Youtube user James Locke, we see Tesla’s Full Self-Driving casually detect and avoid road debris.

Tesla has been very vocal about the dangers of using its Full Self-Driving Beta without being alert and attentive the entire time the vehicle is engaged and moving. They’ve warned the system still may encounter things that it doesn’t have a proper reaction to, and “it may do the wrong thing at the worst time.”

Tesla’s Autopilot has struggled with issues much similar to these in the past. Not being able to detect and react to things like road debris or other stationary objects on the road has led to close calls, and sometimes accidents.

However, a Tesla Model 3 owner with early access to the new Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software shared a video of the FSD software avoiding such obstacles:

In the description of the video, Locke wrote: “Went for a little drive and caught beta FSD safely avoiding debris on the road.”

In the short clip, it appears that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta moves the steering wheel slightly to casually avoid the road debris. Regardless of the fact that the driving visualizations doesn’t reflect the object on screen, the system and the car avoided it none the less which in itself is an impressive improvement.

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