Systems Like Tesla’s Autopilot Could Reduce Accidents by 90%

Driving aids are helping to increase road safety by reducing human errors, which cause most accidents. Among them, solutions such as Tesla’s Autopilot stand out, in which a study has estimated that with its installation in all vehicles, it would help reduce accidents by 90%.

This has been determined by a report written by Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, director of the Automobile Research Center (CAR), who has also warned that legislation’s slow evolution prevents the increase in safety rates the development of these technologies.

Despite the arrival of new help systems, accident rates increase, but if they had had a help system such as Autopilot, the report’s projections indicate that in 2019 there would have been 29,413 accidents. Something that would mean a reduction of 89.5% compared to the figures achieved that year.

Tesla’s data published regularly show that the North American manufacturer vehicles have much fewer accidents per kilometer than the rest of the models on the road. A loud and clear signal of these systems’ potential not only as an advertising tool or for the comfort of the drivers, but also as an effective solution to reduce accidents and minimize the result thereof.

Tesla’s Autopilot with autonomous driving will cost around 10,000 dollars, a system that is slowly spreading to other manufacturers, although many times with significant limitations such as being used only on certain previously mapped roads. But despite this, community administrations should advance in a more agile way in the regulation that will allow them to get more out of a technology that will save lives, which will also mean a revolution in sectors such as road transport.

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