Tesla FSD Software will Receive Updates Every “5 to 10 Days”

Between the first customer videos and the $2,000 price increase, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta has seen a lot of headlines in the past week. Now we are learning that the feature will receive software updates “every 5 to 10 days” according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Just last week, Tesla pushed its Full Self-Driving Beta to a select few early access owners. New videos posted by these few individuals have shown just how much the California-based automaker’s semi-autonomous software has improved since past versions. However, they have also shown where there are still bugs that need to be fixed and Tesla CEO has confirmed improvements will be made via software updates on almost a weekly basis.

FSD Beta user @TeslaOwnersSV asked about the FSD software updates and when they will be rolled out, to which Musk simply replied “every 5 to 10 days.”

According to Musk the newest update to the FSD Beta has resulted in about 1/3 less interventions and was responsible for fixing “silly bugs.”

The frequent updates show the commitment Tesla has to constantly and consistently improving its FSD software. As the capabilities become more complex, the price of the FSD Suite will increase like it did just last week. The company encourages owners to take advantage of lower price points as they will not need to pay the difference when more updates are pushed and the FSD inevitably is hit with a higher price tag. 

Tesla’s goal is to increase the confidence in the semi-autonomous software and push it to more owners by the end of the year. The current price tag for potential Tesla owners is currently $10,000, but as mentioned before, that number will inevitably increase. 

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