Latest Proof That Tesla’s Growth Is Exploding: One Service Center Opening Per Week In 2021

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Tesla’s reported sales have resulted in more than one million electric vehicles on the road coming from the automaker, and the company intends to provide these Tesla EVs with superior after-sales support. To do that, Tesla plans to build new service centers starting in 2021 and the target is to put up one every week.

The massive rollout will see at least 52 of these centers starting operation within the next year, which will be in support of the company’s exploding growth. Tesla reported that in the last 12 months, deliveries shot up by 50% and over 500,000 units have been added to the Tesla EVs already rolling on the streets.

The company admitted it was a bit slow to keep up with the expansion but to compensate, the new service centers will be constructed at an accelerated pace. Electrek reported that Tesla is now in the process of purchasing properties for this endeavor and the new facilities will be located around the world.

The push seemed sufficient to address what Tesla CEO Elon Musk termed as “a foolish oversight” and things are moving fast indeed. Per the same report, up to 20 new service centers were built by the automaker in the last few months and the project will only continue on a more massive scale.

It is expected that the centers will be constructed where Tesla has already established a significant presence. Likewise, areas that have been wanting these service centers should be getting them real soon.

The ramping up in building service centers is directly proportional to Tesla’s production targets over the new few years. As CNET pointed out, new Gigafactories are set for completion and will start assembling new Tesla EVs in large numbers.

The Gigafactory in Austin, for instance, is coming online in 2021, barring any glitches, and this will be the same manufacturing complex that will build the hotly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Model Y. If these EVs will live up to expectations in terms of actual delivery numbers, then Tesla is doing right in putting its money to further improve customer support.

The company is aiming to produce at least 800,000 new EVs in 2021 and if this goal is realized, Tesla will need to deal with over two million units that will require care. And the building of new service centers will make the job easier for the fast-growing automaker.

The project is also seen to attract more attention as Tesla is hoping that by providing excellent service for all vehicles purchased, more buyers will trust the brand.

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