New Tesla Model S Interior Up Close for the First Time

One lucky individual got the chance to see the inside of a new Tesla Model S refresh, giving the rest of us a first glimpse at the unpolished interior of the new electric vehicle.

Tesla officially unveiled the new Model S and Model X refresh last month during its Q4 and full-year 2020 earnings.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk promised that Tesla would hold a separate call for the new Model S and Model X but it has yet to happen.

Up until this point we haven’t had a chance to get an up close look at the interior of the updated vehicles, besides through-window shots of prototypes spotted in the US, and what Tesla has provided.

Now we are getting such a close look, as the original poster said it, it feels illegal. Twitter user @icsichris posted a wicked video of the backseat and driver seat of a brand new refreshed Tesla Model S giving us the first clear look at the unpolished, refreshed interior:

As mentioned above this is clearly not the finished product, but it does give us an idea of what to expect to see in regards to the backseat display and new steering wheel.

In addition to a brand new interior, the refreshed Model S and Model X are expected to come equipped with a new powertrain and a new “yoke” steering wheel. The wheel in this video however, is round. A common trend in the prototypes that have been spotted recently. Although it isn’t the new “yoke” design Tesla has been advertising, you may notice it doesn’t have any stalk. Drivers will instead rely on force touch buttons on the steering wheel and center consoles to activate windshield wiper controls, blinkers, drive modes, etc, with hopes of automating all of these features through Tesla Autopilot and FSD in the future.

The new Model S is expected to see in the next few weeks and is expected be followed up by the new Model X not long after.

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