Tesla Model S Refresh Spotted in California

Tesla announced plans to deliver an improved Model S during its highly anticipated Battery Event in September. A refreshed model that would take advantage of Roadster technology and use the upcoming Plaid Powertrain to achieve some impressive specifications. Now, what we believe is a refreshed Model S vehicle has been spotted in the wild.

There have been a lot of speculation and rumors circulating in the past few months regarding a possible Model S and Model X refresh. As we reported earlier this month, Model S and Model X production is currently in the middle of an 18-day shutdown. Tesla has introduced several performance improvements to the Model S, but has left its design alone for the most part since its first refresh in 2016.

Although the temporary holiday shutdown is nothing we haven’t seen from Tesla before, the 18-day shutdown is longer than Tesla’s usual break, fueling refresh rumors even more.

Now, Youtube channel “The Kilowatts” is pouring even more gas on the flames with a new video that appear to show a Tesla Model S prototype with a new design near Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto.

The footage shows a Model S that has a wider body, chrome delete on most trims, a new rear diffuser, and new headlights. The units wheels look like Tesla’s existing Arachnid wheels, however, there is a chance those were updated as well. It is important to note that the Model S vehicle was complete with manufacturer plates ridding any doubt of third-party modifications. Check out the prototype footage in the full video below:

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