Tesla Model S Beats Lucid Air with its Increased Autonomy

Tesla’s sedan just increased its range to maintain the crown as the longest-range electric car on the market.

The growing rivalry between Tesla and Lucid Motors leads California manufacturers to squeeze their vehicles to the fullest in a fight, side by side, for the highest place on the podium.

2020 brought an update by Tesla of its veteran sedan that gave it 402 miles according to the EPA cycle. This increase made the Tesla Model S the electric car with the most autonomy on the market.

The year-long entry of a new player to the market based just over 10 miles from Tesla’s headquarters in Fremont, California, puts at stake the crown that the Model S has long held.

Lucid Motors is run by the person responsible for Tesla’s high-end sedan project, so Elon Musk’s ‘neighbor’ proposal is configured as one of the most direct rivals of Tesla’s flagship.

Even though the website of the US Environmental Protection Agency still shows no change from the Model S figure since January, a reader of the Electrek port has sent a photograph of a Tesla produced in November showing revealing data.

The Tesla Model S would once again be the electric car with the most extended autonomy in the world according to the image that certifies 409 miles.

The podium’s fight is driving Tesla and Lucid Motors to improve their products even when these are not yet available on the market, as is the case with Lucid.

Competition drives innovation by improving the available options so that consumers have better choices every day. Considering the price, the best choice, for now, is the Tesla, but if you like novelty and comfort, go for the Lucid.

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