Trinity, VW´s Electric Flagship Project to Compete with the Big Boys

Following the Artemis division’s footsteps, which has become an independent company from Audi and the old rigid structures of the Volkswagen group, to manufacture luxury cars for Audi, Porsche and Bentley, the German manufacturer now wants to be a first-person protagonist of the sector premium.

From Wolfsburg, they are working on a 100% electric flagship created on its basis. However, it is unknown how many elements it will share with the MEB platform or what technical relationship it will have with the base of the entire group’s zero-emissions offensive.

The first leaks of the project come from the Automobilwoche (the car week), where Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of the German colossus, has confirmed some of the future car’s characteristics.

As the project is known internally, the Trinity has the mission of “democratizing” assisted driving at the highest level as the CEO of the automotive group has made known.

The Volkswagen Trinity, which could end up being called Aeroliner, will be a reference vehicle to show the world the German brand’s technological capacity. This aspect coincides with the mission entrusted to Artemis.

The name chosen refers to the unification of three central trends for the car manufacturer. Trinity brings together a new electric platform, a network of vehicles, and ‘fully networked construction processes.’

The group’s management approved this project at the end of 2020, representing an oxygen balloon for the Volkswagen locations in Lower Saxony and the plants of internal suppliers.

For this reason, the new representation car would have to offer the necessary elements to have an SAE Level 4 autonomous driving system, although initially, it will offer a Level 2+ only.

The car that will take a few years to reach the market will have a different approach, not only for the user but also for the manufacturer itself, since it must incorporate a new product approach.

As a differentiating element of this model, the software will have a decisive role since it must debut the new VW.OS operating system that Volkswagen is developing internally.

The German manufacturer dedicates enormous amounts of money and more than 10,000 employees to improve its digital capabilities. This element will be essential in the connected and automated vehicles that will soon flood the roads.

The technology being developed by the Teutonic group’s IT department will provide the Trinity-Aeroliner with the necessary capabilities to communicate with other cars, 5G technology, and traffic infrastructures.

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