Bianchi Expands its E-Omnia Family with New Series of E-Bikes

Italian bicycle manufacturer Bianchi has expanded its E-Omnia family with a new series of electric bicycles. True to its name, the new e-bikes will facilitate both on and off-road cycling.

CEO of Bianchi, Fabrizio Scalzotto told Electrek: “The “Omnia” in its name – it means “everything” in Latin – mirrors the ambition of Bianchi Lif-e Electric Intelligence program’s latest platform: to be your perfect e-bike, the bike for every kind of rider.”

The new model lines include, C-Type: City, T-Type: Touring (including men’s and women’s versions, and a full-suspension model FT-Type), and X-Type: Mountain (including a full-suspension model FX-Type).

Bianchi also announced a new 3D online configurator in addition to the new e-bike family. It allows buyers to customize belt or chain drive, ABS braking and utility options like kickstands and carriers, as well as offering several different color options for their new e-bike.

Claudio Masnata, marketing manager at Bianchi explained: “With a rider-first approach, placing the user closer to Bianchi’s development process than ever before, Bianchi has created the most advanced 3D online bike configurator in the world, with 8,500 possible combinations of colors, features, and specifications.”

The E-Omnia family is powered by the Bosch Performance CX motor which provides up to 340% rider assist using 85 Nm of torque. Riders will be able to choose between 500Wh or 625Wh battery pack, with the possibility of doubling their range when opting for dual batteries.

Built-in 40 lux lighting will provide a visibility range up to 330 feet and can been seen by others from up to 1,640 feet away, according to Bianchi.

The E-Omnia C-Type meant primarily for city cycling, offers both a built-in rear rack and step-through frame for ultimate utility and has a starting price of €3,320 (approximately US$4,025).

The E-Omnia T-Type aimed at touring cycling is a full-suspension bike that is capable of street and trail riding. It comes with a starting price of €3,370 (approximately US$4,085).

The E-Omnia FT-Type is focused on mountain biking and adds rear suspension to the touring model while still retaining an integrated rear rack. The added rear suspension ups the starting price of the FT-Type to €4,900 (approximately US$5,940).

The E-Omnia X-Type AND FX-Type are full-suspension electric mountain bikes. They will come equipped with mudguards integrated into the head tube, fork’s crown, under the downtube, and on the back of the seat. Additionally, the FX-Type offers an asymmetrical swing-arm to avoid chain-stay damage or noise. The X-Type will have a starting price of €3,450 (approximately US$4,185) and the FX-Type €4,800 (approximately US$5,820). You can get yours today using Bianchi’s brand new 3D online configurator.

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