Volkswagen Estimates 90% of its Norway Sales will be EVS by 2021

Norway has proposed that in 2025 diesel and gasoline cars will no longer be sold. But the reality is that this could happen even earlier. This is clear from the German manufacturer Volkswagen’s statements, which is seeing how the enormous demand for electric cars is exceeding all its forecasts, which leads them to indicate that in 2021 90% of its sales in this market will be electric.

This ambitious percentage comes after September where the landing of the Volkswagen ID.3 has been a real milestone for the manufacturer in Norway, where it has placed its new compact as the best-selling car by far, surpassing the leaders such as the Tesla Model 3, the Audi E-Tron or the Volkswagen Golf.

Figures that have meant delivering almost 2,000 units in a single month, and that has pushed the share of electric car sales to 62%.

Another reason for Volkswagen’s optimism lies in the favorable legislative framework designed by the Norwegian government, which has confirmed that the current incentives will be maintained in 2021. Something that provides stability and allows brands to plan in an acceptable way to meet demand.

According to the Volkswagen importer in Norway, in 2021, they hope to achieve that 90% of their sales in this market will be electric cars. Something that will leave the diesel and gasoline in almost total irrelevance in the commercial plane.

The increase in supply will also help with the arrival of the expected ID.4. An SUV that will undoubtedly have a great acceptance in the Nordic market and that together with the ID.3, will take care of practically all sales of passenger cars.

Data indicates that Volkswagen could achieve 100% electricity sales between two and three years before the Norwegian government’s deadline.

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