Volkswagen Group Sees 195% Growth in EV Sales in 2020

As the yearly numbers begin to surface for the difficult year of 2020, we are seeing a consistent trend of the rise in popularity of the electric car. The Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, SEAT and more) is no exception to this trend as the group managed triple electric vehicle sales and deliveries compared to what they achieved 2019.

When is comes to overall volume, the Volkswagen Group saw a decline of 15.2% selling 9,305,400 units in 2020. However, according to the sales report , the group sold roughly 231,600 all-electric vehicles representing 2.5% of the total. The all-electric units weren’t the only superstars as plug-in hybrids sales increased 175% year-over-year with about 190,500 units sold.

The Volkswagen Group rang in the New Year with the sale of plug-in electric vehicles up by 195% compared to 2019, with 422,100 EVs sold, accounting for over 4.5% of its overall volume:

-BEVs: about 231,600 (up 214% and 2.49% of the total volume)
-PHEVs: about 190,500 (up 175% and 2.05% of the total volume)
-Total: about 422,100 (up 195% and 4.54% of the total volume)

The top BEV pick from the group was the all-new Volkswagen ID.3 with 56,500 sold, followed by the Audi e-tron with 47,300. Next up is the soon to be retired Volkswagen e-Golf at 41,300 sales, the Volkswagen e-up! with 22,200 sales, and lastly the Porsche Taycan which ended up achieving its goal of 20,000 units.

As far as PHEVs, the Volkswagen Passat GTE was the top pick with 27,200 sold followed by the Audi Q5 as a close second with 23,500 sold. The third and fourth spot got to the Porsche Cayenne (21,500 units) and the ŠKODA Superb iV (16,400 units) respectively. Finally the Volkswagen closes out the list with its Golf GTE/eHybrid, selling 15,200 units. 

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