Tesla Advances $25,000 Electric Car Launch to 2022

This vehicle will be produced in Giga Shanghai and will use the chassis of the Model 3, although it will be smaller (it should be located in the C segment, while the Model 3 and Model Y fall in the D segment). At the moment, it is unknown what type of bodywork it will use (hatchback, sedan …), although it may be an SUV to adapt to the prevailing fashion.

Initially, it will be produced in China for the whole world, so it will not follow the commercial strategy inaugurated with the Model Y, whose launch in China and Europe is conditional on its manufacture in Giga Shanghai Giga Berlin. Production in the Asian country will allow Tesla to contain costs as much as possible.

Elon Musk confirmed that Giga Berlin could be the ideal location to manufacture a compact hatchback, reinforcing the theory that the Chinese model will be an SUV similar in size to the KIA e-Niro. This segment is booming worldwide, so it would be a logical decision to enter to compete in it.

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