GM has an Unprecedented Strategy to Sell More EVs Than Tesla

General Motors has a clear objective: to lead the sales of electric cars in the United States (surpassing the current number one, Tesla) through a massive investment of 27 million dollars, presenting a total of 30 models and reaching a million units sold worldwide by 2025.

One of General Motors’ plan’s key points is to reduce battery prices by increasing its production. The American giant also wants to offer a wide range of vehicles that cover all customer needs, from small models like the Chevrolet Bolt to huge pick-ups like the GMC Hummer EV.

The new BEV3 modular platform and Ultium batteries developed jointly with LG Chem will be the main architects of this electrical revolution. Mary Barra, head of the North American group, is strongly betting. The company’s main focus of attention will be its home market and China.

Within the plans of the multinational, the historic Cadillac brand will play a prominent role. The premium firm will become the spearhead of General Motors, being in charge of standing up directly to the almighty Tesla by focusing on cutting-edge technology (the latest in connectivity, autonomous driving systems developed by Cruise, etc.).

However, General Motors will not have to face Tesla in this sector only. Without going any further, the Volkswagen Group aims to sell 1 million electric cars worldwide by 2022, three years before its American rival. Besides, one of its main markets will be precisely the United States, where the German company hopes to achieve significant sales success with the ID.4.

Both General Motors and the Volkswagen Group will have two important advantages over Tesla: an established technical service with an extensive network of dealers and workshops and more consolidated construction quality. However, Tesla continues to lead at the infrastructure level thanks to Superchargers’ network; technologically, it is also one step ahead.

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