UK Receives it’s First Batch of VW ID.3s

The first customer Volkswagen ID.3 cars from the 1st launch edition have officially reached British shores following the arrivals in Sweden and Norway. The right-hand drive versions were delivered at the port of Grimbsy. We know there were 700 delivered in Norway and 300 in Sweden, but no official number has been released for the first transport in the UK.

Managing Director at Volkswagen UK, Andrew Savvas, exclaimed “The moment we’ve been waiting for is here – the ID.3 has officially arrived in the UK. This milestone represents the dawn of a new mobility era for Volkswagen after the success of the Beetle – and ongoing success of the Golf – with the aim of providing accessible electric mobility for millions, not just millionaires. The ID.3 is also our first carbon-neutral car, as well as being an all-round, game-changing electric vehicle, so this moment is especially rewarding. Put simply, it signposts the sustainable future of Volkswagen.”

Savvas added “I can’t wait to see these first ID.3 cars out on the road, after customers collect them from retailers later this month. This is only the beginning, however, with the series versions of the ID.3 incoming, and the ID.4 on its way. The future is now.”

Volkswagen has had a good amount of success in the UK with its Golf, now only time will tell if they see the same outcome with the ID.3.

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