Tesla Seeks to Develop a More Economical Model to Rival the Volkswagen ID.3

The conference with investors that Tesla has made has given many interesting things. In addition to the issue of their batteries that they are developing, Elon Musk has indicated that they are working on the possibility of launching a more economical vehicle that would allow them to increase sales and take the electric car further significantly.

According to Elon Musk, “We will not be successful in our mission if we do not make cheaper cars. It’s one of the things that bothers me the most right now and that we have to solve”

At the moment from Tesla, not many details have been given, but Musk himself has indicated that one of the possibilities would be developing a compact model. A market niche with great popularity in markets such as Europe, where this model could come from.

A Tesla that would be placed by size and price below the Model 3, and that would make all the sense in the world that it was produced in the German factory thanks to new manufacturing systems that simplify the steps to shape vehicles.

A “unibody” manufacturing process that Tesla is already employing on the rear frame of the Fremont-produced Model Y, which is made up of two massive castings versus seventy pieces of stamped steel welded together that make up the same frame in the Model 3.

Thanks to this system, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Tesla to start a production line at the Berlin factory that would shape the compact model. A proposal that should be around 4.3 meters long has a basic battery of about 55 kWh, an approved autonomy of approximately 250 miles of autonomy.

A “Model 2” with 45 kWh, 210 miles, and a price at the height of the Volkswagen ID3 of access is not even disposable, which we remember mounts a battery of the same capacity.

A proposal that could arrive much earlier than we think thanks to the speed with which Tesla is managing to start up its new facilities, and which means that adding an extra production line would happen in a matter of a few months, and its arrival in 2021.

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