Elon Musk Tests ID.3 During Meeting with VW CEO

Last week we learned of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and VW Group CEO Herbert Diess meeting in Germany following Musk’s visit to Tesla’s Giga Berlin. While Musk was visiting Germany last week, he met with Diess at Braunschweig Airport, where he was given the opportunity to test drive a VW ID.3 electric hatchback.

There has been no bad blood in the past between the two CEOs. The two have even complimented each others effort in the EV market, regardless of the fact that Tesla is in the works of building a new factory in the German automakers territory.

Diess posted a video via LinkedIn where Musk is seen saying “I think for a non-sporty car it’s pretty good.” In the comments Diess stated “quite critical with the available torque at high speed” following it up by suggesting he try a Porsche Taycan, also built by VW Group

In an attempt to calm the suspicions of speculators that think there was more to the meeting, Diess later stated “Just to be clear: We just drove the ID.3 and had a chat – there is no deal/cooperation in the making.”

The ID.3 can be purchased in Germany at a starting price of 35,000 euros ($41,247.67). It comes with a single charge range of 330 km to 550 km (205 miles to 341.75 miles) according to the NEDC.

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