Is Tesla Planning to Equip EVs with Recycled Batteries?

With the accelerated popularity of electric mobility, the opposing side continues to try and diminish the benefits of electrification. While some try to discredit recents advancements and suggest electric cars are bad for the environment, other reports have shed light on the positive impact, such as the recycling of batteries. Something that recent rumor suggest Tesla is planning to do.

Elon Musk even suggested during the company’s Battery Day event, that Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles will eventually come with battery packs made of recycled materials. 

Thanks to an interesting video posted by Bill Wright (@BillWri90307793), Tesla fans were sent into speculation mode. Oddly enough the tweet wasn’t even Tesla-related but it was obviously hinting at a major announcement:

Today, Wright retweeted a Reflex Research tweet with just a bullseye emoji, leading us to believe the Model Y Standard Range Plus and possibly Model 3 vehicles will come to the market with batteries from recycled materials:

The rumor about Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory, its recycling efforts, and the possibility of upcoming Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with recycled battery packs was later confirmed by Wright:

Additionally, Musk himself commented that Tesla is “starting (its) pilot full-scale recycling factory next quarter at Giga Nevada” (Via Teslarati).

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