BYD Han takes on Lamborghini, Tesla, and Audi

Pure acceleration races known as Drag Race are part of the DNA of American automotive culture. A quick search on the Internet offers us thousands of videos of all kinds about this peculiar way of racing different vehicles.

The top video in this story does not come from the United States but from China, where the BYD Han electric car has been measured up to various vehicles of all kinds with surprising results.

The new model of the Chinese automotive giant BYD in its electric version, Han EV, stars in a series of confrontations against renowned cars with internal combustion engines and some 100% electric.

The electric Han is a car that, in its 100% zero-emission version, can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.9 seconds. This impressive figure places it at a high level, comparable to that of many supercars.

In a video on YouTube, the electric BYD Han measured its forces against Lamborghini Huracan, Audi S4, Mercedes GLE AMG, and a Tesla Model 3.

The electric Han is sold in China from $32,800, reaching $40,000 in its most equipped and performance versions. The battery of this model has a capacity of 76.9 kWh that will allow it to achieve a range of 376 miles under the NEDC cycle in the case of the single-engine version.

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