The Renewed Tesla Model 3 is Now Available

The arrival of the renewed version of the Tesla Model 3 has been confirmed. Some subtle changes that aren’t too striking at first glance bring the Model 3 to enjoy some important new features.

The most notable is the increase in autonomy; it increased to 353 miles for the Long Range Dual Motor version. For its part, the Standard Range Plus can reach 263 miles, while the Performance will go 315 miles.

An increase in autonomy will have been achieved by optimizing its electrical system, and the update carried out at the beginning of the year.

The installation of the expected and desired heat pump will also help improve efficiency. Something that we had also advanced a few days ago, and that is now officially confirmed. An element that will allow the Model 3 to improve its consumption figures mainly in the winter months.

The new Model 3 will have better acceleration up to 60 mph in addition to more autonomy, being 4.4 seconds for the Long Range Dual Motor version, and 60 mph in 3.1 seconds for the Performance. For its part, the Standard Range Plus maintains 5.6 seconds.

Tesla has also unveiled the new tires. The original 18-inch Aero Wheels now feature a slightly flatter design. Simultaneously, the 19-inch rim, available for the Standard and Long Range versions, will also have a slightly different look with straighter and more attractive spokes.

But the great main update is the Model 3 Performance, which mounts spectacular 20-inch Uberturbine wheels, which have been presented in public during the public premiere of the prototypes of the Model 3 in 2016, and will now be the wheels of the sportier version series.

The news does not end there, the new Model 3 will also receive long-awaited features such as the motorized rear trunk release system and the new interior that has been redesigned for greater functionality and better overall aesthetics. Something to which we can extend the disappearance of the chrome elements from the exterior.

According to rumors, a new version has been manufactured since last October 6, so those who have placed the order from that moment on will be able to receive this new and improved version whose deliveries are scheduled for November.

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