Rivian’s Approach to Service and Repairs

On the heels of releasing the starting prices for its R1T and R1S, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe spoke with Automotive News to confirm even more information on what to expect from the startup. One of these things included where new Rivian owners will go when their new EV needs services or repairs. 

Depending on the issue, owners will have a couple of different avenues to choose from when needing service. The startup doesn’t plan to sell or service its vehicles through traditional franchised dealerships. However, as sales grow the direct-to-consumer sales and service approach in itself can become an issue. The potential for vehicles exceeding the number of service centers can negatively impact customer service.

According to Scaringe, before most people even receive their brand new R1T electric pickup, Rivian plans to have a “fully operational” service network.

Along with Rivian’s network of service centers, Rivian owners will also be able to receive over-the-air software updates that will be able to solve certain issues. If an owner comes across an issue that is not fixable using an over-the-air update, they can visit a physical service center or schedule Rivian mobile service to come to their home and fix their vehicle. 

According to the CEO: “We’re launching a large number of service centers throughout the U.S., really in the next nine months, 41 service centers. In addition to those service centers, we’re building a very robust network of mobile service [providers] that will come to you, your business or your home.”

In the interview with Automotive News‘ Jason Stein, Scaringe also touched on Rivian’s partnership with Amazon and how it will benefit the startup during this time: ”The Amazon program actually provides a really very useful and critical service-demand pool. One of the challenges of launching a service network for a company that doesn’t have a fleet or a car park just yet is that on day one of year one, you need to have service supply, but you don’t yet really have service demand.” Scaringe added, “the Amazon program will ramp that up very quickly, and the service infrastructure — both mobile and physical — supports not only the Rivian vehicles but also the Amazon fleet.”

According to Rivian’s website, delivery will be based on the original pre-order date, delivery location, and configuration. U.S. deliveries for the R1T are expected to start in June 2021, and the R1S in August 2021.

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